Parent or Adult Dependant Relative Visa

Bring your loved one to the UK to provide support for their long-term care needs resulting from age, illness or disability. Get personalised advice from our specialist immigration lawyers for help applying for an Adult Dependant Relative visa in order to support your parent, grandparent, sibling, or child over 18.

If you have a close relative who needs long-term assistance in managing every day personal care and household tasks, you may be able to apply for an Adult Dependant Relative (ADR) visa. To qualify for this visa, your loved one must be over 18 and unable to access or afford care in their country of residence. As the caregiver relative, you must be settled (or have indefinite leave to remain) in the UK and have sufficient funds to support your family member for at least five years.

If your relative’s ADR visa application is successful, they will be granted indefinite leave to enter, providing your own visa status meets the requirements set out by the Home Office.

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  • We will assess your situation and ensure that both you and your relative meet the strict criteria for the ADR visa before proceeding with the complex application process.
  • We can help you to gather documentation to prove that care within your family member’s country of residence is either inaccessible or unaffordable.
  • We will assist with every step of the visa application process. If your family member has unfortunately been refused a visa and you would like to challenge the decision or make an appeal, we can provide professional advice and legal representation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for me, the caregiver relative?

For your relative to apply for an ADR visa, at least one of the following criteria must apply to you, the caregiver relative:

  • You’re a British or Irish citizen
  • You have settled in the UK (e.g. you have indefinite leave to remain, settled status or proof of permanent residence)
  • You’re from the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, have pre-settled status, and started living in the UK before 1st January 2021
  • You have protection status in the UK (e.g. leave to remain or permission to stay as a refugee)

How must does it cost?

This depends on your immigration status as the caregiver relative. If you have protection status in the UK and your relative applies for an ADR visa from outside the country, the application costs £388. If you do not have protection status and they apply from outside the UK, the cost is £3,250.

If applying from inside the UK, the application cost is £1,408, regardless of your immigration status as the caregiver relative.

How long can my relative stay in the UK on an ADR visa?

This depends on your immigration status as the caregiver relative. If you’re British, Irish or settled in the UK, your relative can stay in the country indefinitely. If you have pre-settled status and started living in the UK before 1st January 2021, your relative can stay in the country as long as you do. If you decide to apply for an extension or settlement, your relative will need to do the same. This is also the case for caregiver relatives with protection status in the UK.

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