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We excel at offering tailored UK immigration services to corporate clients and high-net-worth individuals. Our expertise has helped clients invest over £25m in the UK since 2020.

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We helped our enterprise clients invest £25m+ into UK economy and meet their immigration goals.

Over 99%

Success rate in all cases handled! This has been achieved through setting ambitious but yet attainable immigration goals.

17+ Years

Instead of paralegals & case workers, your case will be overseen by Jay Moghal, a solicitor with over 17 years experience working with both FTSE 100 and SMEs clients.

Our Services

New Sponsor Licence Applications

  • Verify your eligibility and provide guidance on all suitability criteria stipulated by the Home Office.
  • Advise on the required documentation and assist with the completion of your online application, ensuring the best chance for approval.
  • Identify the appropriate licence type to sponsor skilled migrant workers depending on your organisation’s requirements.

Immigration Support for HR Staff

  • Conducting Mock HR Audits to get you ready for UKVI compliance and improve your readiness with our HR audits.
  • Compliance Training to expand your team’s expertise and establish processes and procedures to ensure smooth operations.
  • Prepare all staff involved with the recruitment of migrant workers for questions they may be asked by the Home Office.

Personalised Approach With No Bureaucracy

We provide one-to-one service, bypassing the typical bureaucracy found in larger firms. Your case will be managed by an experienced solicitor, not case workers or paralegals.

Efficient Application Process

We file applications properly the first time, avoiding delays and extra costs. We aim to finalise your sponsored visa applications in 7-10 days.

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During the Consultation We Will Discuss:

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Procedures, time frames, and associated costs

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Criteria for qualifying for the Sponsor Licence application

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HR responsibilities and regulatory compliance

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Check Your Eligibility

  • A registered UK entity
  • A genuine vacancy that needs filling
  • History of effective monitoring of migrant workers
  • Full compliance with the UK’s immigration laws.

Required Documents

  • Proof of business premises
  • HMRC PAYE confirmation letter
  • VAT Certificate
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance
  • Evidence of a corporate bank account or annual accounts
  • Proof of registration with a regulator (if applicable), among others

Schedule Your Consultation and
Discover How We Can Help

Prefer to call us instead? 020 3146 0900

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Our support includes expert advice on applications, engaging with the Home Office, and helping migrant employees with visa applications. We also offer support for ongoing training and compliance, reinforcing our commitment to serve your evolving needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a tier-2 Sponsor Licence?

In order to be eligible for a skilled worker sponsor licence, an organisation must have a physical presence in the UK and conduct its operations lawfully. The UKVI assesses the recruitment and HR systems to ensure effective monitoring of migrant workers and compliance with sponsor obligations. Leveraging our experience, we provide a complimentary assessment to identify any additional factors that could affect the application.

What are the specific requirements for obtaining a Sponsor Licence?

To apply, the organisation is required to submit an online application along with supporting information and documents. Typically, a minimum of four documents are necessary, which may include proof of business premises, evidence of a corporate bank account, VAT Certificate, HMRC PAYE confirmation letter, Employer’s Liability Insurance, and proof of registration with the Regulator, among others.

What are the fees associated with acquiring a Sponsor Licence application through your services?

Prices for Sponsor licensing enquiries vary significantly, and quotes will be provided on an hourly or fixed fee basis once we have established the requirements of your case.

What is the typical processing time for obtaining a Sponsor Licence?

Around 80% of applications are processed within 8 weeks. However, please note that UKVI may conduct a compliance inspection at your business, which could potentially cause additional delays. UKVI now offers a new priority service for a fee of £500, promising a decision within 10 working days. It is important to note that this service is limited to 10 applications per day, making it quite challenging to secure.

In the event of an unsuccessful Sponsor Licence application, what options are available for recourse?

Upon the refusal of the skilled worker sponsor licence application, the organisation will receive written explanations for the decision. If there are no factors triggering a cooling off period, the organisation can immediately submit a new application. The length of the cooling off period, either 6 or 12 months, depends on the specific reasons behind the UKVI’s refusal. While we may provide assistance in cases where errors were made by the case worker, a complete reconsideration is not possible. However, organisations have the option to challenge the decision through a Judicial Review.

How much is the Home Office fee for Sponsor Licence applications?

The sponsorship licence cost is determined by the size of the organisation and the type of licence required. As of August 2021, the Home Office fees for a skilled worker sponsor licence application are £536 for small or charitable businesses, and £1476 for medium or large businesses. To qualify as a small business, the organisation should have an annual turnover of £10.2 million or less and employ 50 individuals or fewer.

Am I allowed to recruit foreign workers from both outside and within the UK?

Irrespective of their location, organisations have the opportunity to hire foreign workers, whether they are seeking entry to the UK from abroad or are already present and eligible for sponsorship within the country. To determine the optimal route and strategy for licence application and skilled work visa application on behalf of employees, our corporate immigration team is ready to provide assistance and guidance.